Phonics by Phone: More Information

What Is Phonics?

Phonics is an effective approach to teaching reading. This phonics method guides you to teach children to learn to recognise the sounds that letters and groups of letters represent so that they can correctly pronounce and spell words in both English and their Mother Tongue.

Why Phonics?

Phonics is an amazing method used all over the world – some say it’s the best and easiest way to teach reading! And remember, children who learn to read, can read to learn

Phonics by Phone

Means that you can use your mobile phone to learn the Phonics method by listening to or downloading audio files from this mobile website


We want to hear your views so that we can improve the modules and share learning with other teachers.  So, watch out for announcements of feedback questionnaires so that your voice can be heard.

Further Information

And resources can be found on the sister website (which is accessible from android phones, and other internet enabled devices)

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